Young Professionals Webinar

Join us on May 31st, from 11:30 – 12:30 AM (CET), for our first YP webinar co-organised with the Danish Dutch Chamber of Commerce and Norwegian Dutch Chamber of Commerce.
Egbert Schram, FDCC’s chairman and CEO of The Culture Factor Group, discusses best practices for young professionals in our exclusive webinar, ‘What managers and leaders look for in new young professional recruits.’
As a new generation enters the labour market, new struggles emerge for employers and employees alike, especially considering the difficulties that arise from the current economic situation. On the one hand, employers are facing multiple challenges, such as a down economy, but also struggle with embedding company culture in new recruits as they prefer working from home and not coming to the office. On the other hand, Gen Z, currently entering the labour market, tend to take a different approach to work that clashes with the system in place. At the same time, data shows that numerous Gen Z young professionals struggle with their mental health and experience loneliness.
This event explores cultural data regarding “dating anxiety” between employers and prospective employees, showcases a couple of best practices regarding how to identify cultural traits in prospective employers and vice versa, and discusses techniques for overcoming this anxiety.
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The Webinar is free for members of the FDCC, DDCC and NorDCC. For non-members, the first YP Webinar you join is free, afterwards a fee will apply for each webinar.
Looking forward to seeing you online on May 31st!


31 May 2024


11:30 am - 12:30 pm