NordicTalks: Friluftsliv – Nordic Outdoor Living

Friluftsliv – A Nordic outdoor lifestyle for improved wellbeing

Research has long shown that we feel less stressed when we are out in forests and fields, which is why the connection to nature is such an important tool for achieving public health. The Nordic culture of outdoor activities is strong, and nature is an important and generally accessible free zone for people of all ages. Therefore, it is important that we learn to manage nature as a resource and reflect on how more groups in society can be encouraged to enjoy an active outdoor life. This is the theme of this year’s Nordic Talks “Friluftsliv – Nordic Outdoor Living” Event.

In our 18th edition of #NordicTalks2023, the Nordic Chambers and Embassies in the Netherlands will gather company leaders, experts, and scientists from the Nordic countries as well as from the Netherlands, to discuss the latest trends and research on Nordic Friluftsliv together. At this event we have the Honor to welcome The Nordic Ambassadors to the Netherlands, who will talk about how the Nordic countries’ governments promote Friluftsliv for the citizens. What is the goal of these efforts? Why is Friluftsliv such a strong concept in Nordic countries? Let’s uncover it together.

#NordicTalks2023 will be moderated by Sander Schimmelpenninck, Dutch author, entrepreneur, and tv-presenter,
currently living in Sweden and who will share his experience about implementing outdoor living in your daily life and the benefits on your well-being.

Antti Äikäs is currently the CEO at Freia, which helps corporate management in areas of leadership development, ability management, and worksite health promotion. He develops working life from an interdisciplinary perspective and will bring the Finish perspective to #NordicTalsk2023. He’s an expert in planning and managing programs that improve workability and health, and in evaluating their effectiveness. During his career, Antti has been improving the well-being of a large Finnish forest organization with great results and has helped company managers of various branches in connecting personnel development to their company strategy and figures. Antti has a unique ability to proactively recognize alarm signals at both individual and company levels.

Saturday, October 28, 2023
11.00 –  13.00
Nordic Days Fair
Inpyrium, Cuyijk

Photography: Hanne Hansen


28 Oct 2023


11:00 am - 1:00 pm


Inpyrium, Cuyijk